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Welcome to my website and congratulations! You have taken the first step! You have sought out a San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney who can actually help you solve the problem of too much debt. Now it's time to take action. So let's get started. San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer - Douglas Farquhar The first thing that usually happens when a Debtor (that's you) thinks about filing bankruptcy is that the person feels guilty and he or she believes that there is some sort of moral obligation to pay their debts back. Remember though that the very same corporations who are calling you endlessly to pay these debts will turn around and file bankruptcy for themselves when they get burdened by debt or they will get a government bailout (with your tax dollars). So free yourself and don't become their slave.

Bankruptcy is your personal bailout so use it to get a fresh start and discharge your debts and move on with your life debt free. San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer After your discharge your creditors will probably write off your debt and get a tax advantage for doing so. The reality is that most debtors have paid back the money they borrowed originally, with interest, by the time they go bankrupt so don't waste any time feeling sorry for them. You have probably paid them exorbitant interest rates over the years.

Remember that most people can keep most of their property in a bankruptcy but still get rid of the debt. This is the power of bankruptcy exemptions. That includes your car, furniture, personal belongings and even your house. After we protect your property we can discharge your liability for your credit card debt, personal loans, car loans (and deficiencies), mortgages, and medical debt as part of your bankruptcy. As a San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney I can get the creditor calls stopped, take you through the system, sit at the table with you at the 341 meeting of the creditors, and represent you in court (only rarely do we go to court). I will be by your side the whole time. There is a tremendous advantage to having this kind of advocate when you are navigating the legal system. So please call right away for a Free Consultation with me to examine your case because every case is unique is some way.

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